Let’s Dive Right In – Your First Thought is:  I Don’t Know What To Do!  Am I Even Qualified To Start A New Business?

You may think retirement is boring – Or you need to make money to live comfortably – Or a way to do all the things you wanted to do when you retired – Or you don’t want to just sit around relaxing causing your body and mind to atrophy.

These 17 popular ways to increase your retirement income will get you up and out.

I carefully researched different ways to make money for retirees.  I found there were some very far-fetched ones that the designer of the method wanted you to spend money to buy his/her products.  I left them out.  These 17 ways are great for any work experiences you may have had in the past.

17 Ways To Make Retirement Money

These money-making businesses are not in any order of importance.  

1. Sell Your Photos And Videos

If you want to earn some extra cash by selling prints of your work, here are a few ways to do that: Sell your photos on your own website or upload them to sites like Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, Alamy, Esty, Fotomoto, Crestock, and more.

You can frame copies of your photos and sell them at art and craft fairs.  Ask local coffee shops, restaurants and other outlets if they would display your photos in their places of business.  (Remember to always display a way for people to contact you for prints.)

To get a good handle on the photos that are selling best, pull up the websites of these photo selling companies.  Check out the most popular categories and most popular images.  As of this writing, these are the best sellers in general:

  • People – children, adults, and various cultures.
  • Businesses buy stock photos.  People at work. Adults with laptops, notepads, public speaking, holding their phone, etc.
  • All types of food
  • Tools are popular.  Nuts, bolts, hammers, gears, screws can be used in all types of promotions and will convey many thoughts to your potential buyers.
  • Buildings, city skylines, people commuting.
  • Nature – city parks, dog parks, skylines, sunsets, sunrises, mountains.  You can’t go wrong with nature shots.
  • Photos taken around the world are in high demand.

And what’s great is most of the companies listed above also will sell your video clips.  You want to produce 5 to 60-second video clips.

With more than 74% of websites and businesses showing and producing videos, there is a great demand for video clips.

2. Dog Sitting or Dog Walking

You can combine your love of dogs by staring a business dog sitting or dog walking.  You’ll be surprised the number of dog parents who would rather their dogs be watched at the doggy’s house.  

More and more people who are working all kinds of shifts and love their dogs.  If you live in a city, then maybe dog walking business would be perfect for you.

3. Selling On eBay

You would be surprised the items you can find at garage sales,  seasonal yard sales, church fairs and thrift stores.  You can make enough to pay your household expenses, insurance, or that vacation you’ve been wanting to take.  You can a picture of the items with your phone, upload them to your eBay account, sell those items and ship them to the buyers.  The buyers pay for the shipping.

4. House Sitter

You can build a clientele of people wanting you to house sit their home.  On a designated day, you move into their house, takes care of their pets, perform any housekeeping they request, and makes sure the house is in good shape when the house owners return.

5. Bookkeeping Services

If your background is numbers and want to work from home, then starting a bookkeeping service business would work for you.

And you don’t need to be a Certified Public Account.  (I’ve discovered my clients tell me what types of services they need from me and over the years that’s the marketing service business I’ve built based on my customers’ needs.  I learned the methods and systems to meet my clients’ needs as my business grew.)

Starting a bookkeeping service could include creating balance sheets, providing income statements, developing business plans, and creating monthly, quarterly and annual financial reports.

6. Virtual Assistant

Being an “assistant” to anyone doesn’t sound glamorous, but if you have the skills, you would be paid well.  An Internet Virtual Assistant affords you a lot more freedom than driving to and working in an office.  

You can use online services like Upwork.com

Although personal and virtual assistant jobs do not sound glamorous, they do pay well. If you have already held this job in an office, you will find the digital version allows for a lot more freedom. Use services like Upwork.com to find clients. You can choose your clients, your hours, and your hourly, daily or monthly rate of pay.

7. Blogger or Vlogger

Do you have a hobby you want to share?

Do you know how to do something well?

Are you an expert on a specific topic?

Then let the world know with your blog or vlog.  (Vlog is a video blog.)  All you need is a computer, Internet connection, and a good quality camera.

How do you make money?  You can write reviews of products that are compatible with your blogs viewers or sell advertising space on your blog or vlog.

8. Resume Writer

If you like to write, then consider becoming a Resume Writer.  No one like to write their own resume and pay very good money to have their personal info compiled in a modern, acceptable resume format.  It will cost you nothing to get set-up.  There are plenty of online instruction so you can become a resume writer in a short amount of time.  You can sell your services online at websites such as Upworks and Fiverr and average a good hourly or daily pay rate.

Check out this infographic for as your first tool in your Resume Writing BusinessThe Do’s and Don’ts of the Modern Resumé (Infographic)